Top 7 Driver Violations in 2013

In 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and its state partners performed nearly 3.4 million roadside inspections.

From those 2013 roadside inspections, these Driver Violations were found to be at the top of the list:

  1. Log Book Violations
  2. Driver’s Record of Duty Status not Current
  3. Non-English Speaking Driver
  4. Speeding 6-10 Miles Per Hour Over the Speed Limit (Local & State Laws)
  5. Failure to Use Seat Belt While Operative a CMV
  6. Operating a Property-Carrying Vehicle without Possessing a Medical Certificate
  7. Driving Beyond 14-hour Duty Period (Property-carrying Vehicle)

As DOT Consultants who regularly perform mock audits of Driver Qualification Files, Drug & Alcohol Files and log books, we find that Log Book mistakes and Hours Of Service violations can quickly add up to hefty fines for two reasons: 1) They are often repetitive, and 2) they are often exponential – that is, affecting more than one driver if drivers have not been properly trained.

A proactive approach is never a wasted investment; by properly training your drivers, you reduce risk and increase your odds for success for your trucking operation.

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Full report on stats cited above can be found here on the FMCSA site.



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